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What We Offer

At Mobile First, we’re interested in working with ambitious and open-minded people and organizations to build scalable software solutions. No matter how big or small an idea, our team can offer support at every step of the way from ideation to execution. Let’s build something cool together.


We use a system that allows us to predictably plan and execute successful development projects. Working within defined phases of work and providing detailed project estimates, we ensure strong alignment of expectations.


We offer graphic design combined with UI/UX expertise that goes beyond aesthetics. We work with your team to understand tradeoffs, prioritize features, and define functionality.


We use an iterative development approach and work with clearly defined requirements. We integrate with client’s project management systems to provide clear transparency throughout the project.


From updates and upgrades to troubleshooting and bug fixes, we seek to be a valued long-term partner. We’re also well-versed in collaborating with internal project teams to ensure effective knowledge transfer and project transition.


Meet The Team

It’s our team that makes Mobile First an attractive partner for your project. Every successful development project is rooted in strong business fundamentals, cutting edge design and professional development practices. Through our team, and our network of trusted partners, we can assist you in securing the resources you need for your project. Whether its business planning, prototyping, software development or ongoing support, Mobile First is with you every step of the way.

  • Andrew Cretin
    AWS Architect

    Andrew helps clients create a long-term technology roadmap for their projects. With a clear vision in mind, Andrew supports the creation of the technical foundation necessary for the project. With a background in both business and computer science, Andrew helps clients to translate their vision into cutting edge software solutions.

  • Conor Christie
    UI/UX Design

    Conor helps clients to visualize their ideas and clearly define the product that they are looking for. He places emphasis on end-user experience, specifically as it relates to mobile design. Working with the development team, Conor ensures a sophisticated, yet simple, final product.

  • Kale Baiton
    Full Stack Developer

    Kale works directly with clients to support mobile development and deployment activities. In addition to his enterprise development experience, Kale has developed a number of mobile applications. Kale is a full stack developer with experience across web, mobile and back-end development.

  • Kirk Morrison
    Account Manager

    Kirk works with clients to define their development needs. Kirk also supports clients in product design activities, ensuring the planned features meet the needs of the end users. Kirk has a background in marketing, sales and management consulting.

  • Lindsey Issak
    Lead Mobile Developer

    Lindsey is skilled in helping clients to find clarity in objectives and define specific project details. Lindsey works with clients to implement specific features and functionality at every stage of the development process. Lindsey has deep experience with iOS mobile design.


Say hello!

We like to create things with ambitious, open-minded people. If you’re working on a cool project and think you might need some help to make it happen, we’d love to hear from you.